2014 Election Results for NASSA Board of Directors

by Site Admin on December 12, 2014

The election for the 2015 NASSA Board of Directors has been completed. Re-elected to the Board were Larry Hopkins, Mike Ludlam and Jack Lyda.

Of the 447 eligible voters, 60, or 14 percent cast their ballots.

The final tally: Larry Hopkins, 40; Jack Lyda, 36; Mike Ludlam, 31; Dawn Driskill, 23; Quintin Kreth, 23; and Angela King, 22.

NASSA had requested that The Livestock Conservancy would count the ballots. As ballots were received, they were stamped with the date received and Alison G. Martin, Ph.D., Program Director at The Livestock Conservancy, recorded the flock number and votes. Gail Former, past NASSA President, verified flock numbers for eligibility. The flock numbers were checked against information sent by the NASSA Registry.

All ballots postmarked by November 5 were declared eligible. On November 11, the electronic tally was printed out, the paper ballots were sorted by flock number, and two Conservancy staff validated the vote tally against the paper ballots to make sure they had been recorded properly. The corrected tally was printed, signed, and the signed copy of the tally and the paper ballots were sealed in a manila envelope.

On behalf of the NASSA Board of Directors, I would like to thank all of you who took the time to vote and extend special thanks to those members who agreed to run for election.

Faye Whitney
NASSA Executive Secretary


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