Judge’s Packet

Shetland Judge’s Educational Packet

NASSA Judge’s Packet (1.35 MB PDF)

The NASSA Education Committee has revised the judges packet. This packet is designed for current livestock and sheep judges. It contains the Breed Standard, written and photographic descriptions of Shetland breed characteristics and fleece types, historical information on Shetland Sheep, wool judging notes and forms.

The Judge’s Educational Packets are sent to current certified judges and prospective judges upon request and can be downloaded from the website. NASSA members may also wish to pass the Educational Packets on to their local livestock judges. It is important to note that there is a fairly large amount of information included in the packet, and it is not something to hand to a judge 15 minutes before the show! It would be nice if judges could receive this information well in advance of any Shetland Sheep shows they might be judging.

The NASSA Education Committee is hoping that by continuing to communicate with judges of sheep and livestock throughout North America, we can expand the pool of NASSA Certified Shetland Sheep Judges. We are hoping this effort will lead to more NASSA sanction shows and educational events.

Larry Hopkins
NASSA Show Chairman and Board Member