2012 Election Results for NASSA Board of Directors

by Site Admin on November 15, 2012

The election for the 2013 NASSA Board of Directors has been completed. Elected to the Board were Carol Albrecht, Jared Lloyd and Denise Fulks. They replaced current Board members Tom Livernois, Rich Johnson and Judi Lehrhaupt, none of whom sought re-election.

Of the 480 eligible voters, 42, or nine percent cast their ballots.

The final tally was Carol Albrecht, 31; Jared Lloyd, 31; Denise Fulks, 25; Jennifer Cary, 18; and Margaret Flowers, 13.

As usual the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC) counted the ballots. To ensure that only eligible members were participating, voters were asked to put their flock numbers on their ballots. Those numbers were then given to NASSA News editor Sandy Powers for verification. Sandy did not see the actual ballots so no NASSA member or associate saw how anyone voted. The flock numbers were checked against information sent by the registry, which included updates as of October 5, 2012.

One ballot was not counted by ALBC, because the member’s dues had not been paid in time. Otherwise, there were no irregularities.

On behalf of the NASSA Board of Directors, I would like to thank all of you who took the time to vote and extend special thanks to those members who agreed to run for election.

Faye Whitney
NASSA Secretary


2 comments on “2012 Election Results for NASSA Board of Directors

  1. Stephen Rouse on said:

    LOL 42 votes!

  2. Kim Nikolai on said:

    One would have to wonder why all 3 former board members did not seek re-election. With only 9% of membership voting it would appear there is a lack of support in the current direction of this organization.

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