Info About the Transfer Deadline for the AGM Wool Market

by Site Admin on April 26, 2013

The Estes Park Wool Market requires all transfers of sheep to be completed by May 1 in order to show them. That means the certificate must indicate that sheep were transferred by May 1. This creates a problem for those who transfer sheep into their children’s name to show or have sold sheep to someone who wants to show them at the AGM. We all know that Shetland lambs are not developed at this point so that one could make a decision as to which are going to be shown. To address this problem the NASSA Registrar has agree to allow an exemption for this event that will allow transfers to be back dated. From May 2-June1 any transfers submitted to the registry that are clearly marked (e.g., use a BIG post it note) that the sheep are being shown at the national show and the transfer needs to be back dated they will back date it to 4/30/13.


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